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We Squarewave Infotech measure a bunch of good and proficient technology experts of domains. We have a tendency to pursue ourselves with a powerful backup of our Software Development team,Technology Associates and Veteran professionals. Various expertise of our team has enabled and imbibed at intervals us a deep business intelligence sense, enabling us to know the client desires and supply the proper budget based mostly solutions. We have served industries like Embassies, Retail, Doctors, Medical Industries, Academic Hubs, Property, Advertising agencies, Producing Industries and International & Government set-ups. +91-78-400-500-54

Why Squarewave Infotech?



We always come up with lot of innovative ideas making things faster and efficient.


User Friendly

We understand when something is user-friendly, it is hassle-free and workable.


Simple & Professional

We believe "Simplicity is the best policy" and so, we make software & websites that appear simple and professional.



We might be on a higher side of the budget, but hey, Quality Never Comes Cheap! And we deliver nothing but the best!